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Vibrator Rules for Any Type of Toy: The Fundamentals

Consider destinations other than the tried-and-true hotspots.

However, despite the fact that we tend to think of specific parts of the body as go-tos for sexual pleasure (you know, your nipples, your clitoris, and maybe even your neck), according to Chavez, the entire body is wired for pleasure, which means there are many different, unexpected erogenous zones throughout the body.

Begin with a low and gradual incline.

A common assumption is that turning up the intensity of a sexual toy will result in even more pleasure. However, as Chavez points out, this is not always the case — particularly in more sensitive portions of the body.

browse here for vibrator stores in Malaysia

Therefore, she suggests that newbies, or even more experienced vibrator users who are trying out a new toy, start with the lowest setting and light pressure to get a feel for it. You can then gradually awaken erogenous zones by mildly stimulating yourself, avoiding any pain, discomfort, stress or desensitisation that might be caused by going into full-throttle mode.”You want to warm up your tissues so that you’re comfortable and relaxed,” she says.”

And because most vibrators not only have a variety of intensity levels, but also a variety of vibrational patterns ranging from a steady buzz to pulsing or crescendoing, Chavez recommends starting with a low intensity and figuring out which pattern you prefer before moving on to a higher intensity and more powerful buzz.

Make use of lubricant.

All of the specialists we spoke with emphasised the need of applying lubrication while working with any type of vibrating machinery. Chavez explains that “If it’s an arousal gel, like Omax O-Shot CBD Arousal Oil, it can heighten the sensation, or it can just let the device slide and move more easily.” when using an arousal gel. Whatever lubricant you choose, make sure it’s a soft, water-based formula that will help maintain the integrity of your vibe while also preventing UTIs, bacterial vaginosis, and yeast infections from forming on your skin.

Bring your imagination to bear.

While some vibrators (such as bullets and wands) are intended for external usage only (and should not be used internally), you can’t really go “wrong” by being creative with how you hold a vibrator or move your own body — especially when it comes to how you hold a vibrator or move your own body. For example, Chavez recommends holding the toy with your non-dominant hand in order to get a sensation that is different from holding the toy with your dominant hand. Alternatively, explore with different hip positions and rotations in different motions. You can always browse here for vibrator stores in Malaysia.

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