Income protection policy?

income protection insurance policy Malaysia

Risk is an inevitable part of life. This is something we cannot deny. Some people say that risk is only there when you step out of the house but is it true? The answer is no. There will still be risks even when you are at home. Of course if you are at home you will not be at risk caused by others. But yet you will be at risk from other consequences, so even at home there will still be risk to us. Since risk is everywhere, what’s important for us is to have an assurance. Assurance to be able to seek help where is in need. Insurance can do that for us. When we are in need we are able to seek medical help claiming from medical insurance and if something happens we can have insurance to cover for us.

Even when we have all the insurance that we have, there is something that many people have overlooked and not get it. What is it? It is for our salary! What do I mean by that? Have you ever thought what would happen if you fell very badly and got injured and are unable to go to work and your boss tells you that since you are not working then it will be considered as no pay. What will happen then? What if the injury will cost you three months or four months of no pay? What can you do then? Have you ever thought about that? Or maybe what will happen if all of a sudden your boss tells you that he is unable to give you your salary because of some issue? What will happen to your pay, your wages? Have you ever thought about that? Well today i am going to tell you no need to be worried! Because there is something called income protection policy and you need to know!

income protection insurance policy Malaysia

What this is is to protect your income to give you still your regular income even if you are not able to go to work and your boss does not want to give you your pay or if anything happens to the company you will still get your pay regularly. This is what it does for you! Therefore this is of utmost importance because you will need your income in order to continue living in this world. Without it you will not be able to survive therefore your income is the most important and furthermore it is best to have this protection policy!

Therefore there should not be any hesitation to put your money into this to invest in income protection insurance policy Malaysia. It is very important to have this as it is your lifeline and it your blood, sweat and tears and you deserve to be treated well and deserve your pay even when you are not able to work to help you continue to have your pay and live on comfortably and even when you are on recovery you will not worry about something else and concentrate in your recovery journey. 

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Tips while preparing ships for lay-up

cold lay up malaysia

Many wealthy ship owners have seen their livelihoods flipped upside down as a result of the recent drop in oil prices. Merchant ships have no choice but to cut costs and put their boats up for sale or lay-up as profits decline. Similarly, the maritime and offshore sectors have been impacted. As a result, several large and even small offshore oil enterprises with a significant maritime fleet have temporarily shut down to avoid their operations going aground.

The word ‘Lay-up’ or ‘Lay-up’ of ships refers to ships that have been put out of productive service temporarily due to a lack of contract or cargo. Increases in freight charges are sometimes insufficient to cover the ships’ operating costs. ‘Laying up’ ships makes sense to the operators during such difficult times. You can find out more on cold lay up malaysia here.

During this non-profitable period, a lay-up is used to lower the company’s overheads, such as ship equipment wear and tear, staffing costs, fuel, and insurance costs. When compared to the sale of ships during a drought, lay-up is almost always a more sustainable alternative. Owners are sometimes forced to allow repairs or even consider docking their vessels due to lay-up.

cold lay up malaysia

The procedures of putting up the vessels are known as ‘Hot Lay up’ and ‘Cold Lay up.’ The ship is out of service during a Hot Lay-up, but it can be deployed into duty at any time. In cold lay up, the vessel is tethered or anchored in a secure location while waiting for fresh work or contract. Out-of-service ships require a secure haven for their non-working status, which necessitates meticulous preparation. The most critical component in ship lay-up is deciding on a location. 

The concept behind laying up at safe locations would be to provide safety for the crew, security for the vessel, and environmental protection. It also serves to protect the vessel structure from corrosive environments and machinery wear and tear.

cold lay up malaysia

Sites will be chosen on the basis of:

  • Safeguard from open seas, winds, and weather to avoid unnecessary structural damage that could prove costly for the already shaky company.
  • Security and its implementation influence at the site whether the area has an adequate backup plan in accordance with ISPS, SOLAS, and ISM regulations.
  • Close proximity to trading and working areas for easy re-mobilization during Hot-Lay up periods. Because of their tactical and geographically advantageous locations, areas near Singapore, Gibraltar, and Rotterdam, for example, are hotbeds for easy business revival.
  • If repairs or docking are to be performed, repair workshops, spares, and stores must be available.
  • Access to general and convenience services such as fresh water, provisions, and fuel as needed for operational reasons, as these may become scarce during long lay up periods.

Nonetheless, vessels that are laid up are deemed unprofitable by certain companies and sometimes represent a negative asset value. It just so happens that the company has the option of allowing ships to lay up or selling them.

Where to buy postpartum care products in Malaysia?

First and foremost, consult your health practitioner to see if you need any specific postpartum care products. Most pharmacies carry a limited range of postpartum care products, but they do often have maternity wardsets (containing various items such as pads, sleepwear and towels) that you can purchase separately; Many supermarkets and hypermarkets also carry maternity wardsets that can be purchased separately; Many online retailers sell postpartum care products, especially those specializing in maternity products; Health food stores usually carry a wider range of postpartum care products, including items such as lactose free milk and probiotics. Local pharmacies, health food stores, and online retailers all sell postpartum care products. The best way to find what you need is to do some research first and ask around. You might also want to consider reading product reviews before making a purchase.

buy postpartum care products Malaysia

Health food stores sell a variety of health and wellness products, including postpartum care products. Online retailers are many online retailers that sell postpartum care products, including Amazon and FlipKart. Pharmacies usually have a wide range of postpartum care products, including doulas and maternity clothes. Most pharmacies sell postpartum care products such as pads, tampons and soap. Look for pharmacies that sell specialty health products, as they are likely to have more postpartum care products available. Health food stores are a good option if you want to buy specifically formulated postpartum care products. They usually carry a wider range of brands and varieties of postpartum care products than pharmacies.

Buying Smart Brands of Postpartum Care Products: 

buy postpartum care products Malaysia

Department stores typically have more variety in their product ranges than pharmacies or health food stores. This buy postpartum care products Malaysia means that you are likely to find more postpartum care products available at department stores than at either type of store alone. However, be aware that some departments store carry more affordable knock-off versions of branded postpartum care products instead of the genuine product. It is important to read the labels carefully before making a purchase. When you are pregnant, your body is preparing for the arrival of your new baby. This process includes releasing chemicals that help to shape the uterine lining and prepare for childbirth. 

After giving birth, your body goes through an incredible change. The hormonal changes can lead to postpartum mood swings and other issues. To help manage these problems, it is important to purchase quality postpartum care products from a reputable brand. Here are some tips on how to find the best brands; Check the company’s website. Look for information about their products, ingredients, and customer satisfaction ratings. Ask friends or family members who have had babies in the past if they have used a particular brand of postpartum care products and if they were happy with them. Search online for user reviews of postpartum care products. Postpartum care products are important for new mothers as they help to ease some of the pain and discomfort that comes with postnatal care. However, not all brands of postpartum care products are created equal, so it is important to choose wisely.

Ways To Increase Restaurant & Cafe Sales

Orait, we used to share online marketing tips to increase sales of your business. This time we will share  ways to get sales for restaurant and cafe businesses! Go to ecommerce point of sale malaysia  now!

ecommerce point of sale malaysia

You will learn:

  • How to get customers easily
  • How to attract customers with a loyalty rewards program
  • Sales techniques for F&B business
  • How to design a menu to increase sales
  • 3 main sales channels

Let’s read next 7 ways to increase F&B sales:

1. Attract new customers with attractive strategies

2. Increase customer loyalty

3. Use multiple sales channels

4. Audit of operating flows

5. Optimize menu design

1. Attract new customers with attractive strategies

ecommerce point of sale malaysia

Our tips on how to increase online marketing sales marketing strategies F&B restaurants and cafes attract new customers. Why are there cafes that are happy to get customers?

Maybe sustenance, but maybe just because of their interesting marketing strategy! So now we want to share some ways to attract new customers to your restaurant or cafe:

Invite a few small influencers to taste and share your food on social media. Then, give coupons to your new customers so they come back. Don’t forget to share interesting photos of your store and food on relevant Facebook groups such as:

  • Jom Jalan Cari Makan (KL & Selangor)
  • Let’s eat @ Taman Medan & Taman Dato Harun (Food ads only)
  • Eat Eat Kota Kemuning
  • Penang Best Halal Food Delivery
  • Residents of Butterworth Chart Penang

2. Pull back your old customers

You know, the cost to get new customers is 5 – 25 times more expensive than the cost of keeping your old customers? And from our data, we found that old customers will typically spend up to 3 times more than new customers. So it is very important for you to encourage your new customers to come back to your cafe/restaurant.

Here are some ideas for how to build loyal customers:

  • Offer a loyal customer program
  • Run a special promotional day for your loyal customers (Buy 1 Free 1, 30% discount on the entire bill)
  • Give away free food/drinks such as ice cream or cake on the birthdays of your loyal customers
  • Offer food promotions at certain times such as lunch time
  • Be the host or sponsor of the venue for events such as trivia night, New Year, and so on

3. Use multiple sales channels

How can people buy your food now? Don’t give them one way. nGive your customers a variety of ways to buy from you.

Examples of sales channels:

  • Dine in a restaurant or cafe (dine-in)
  • Take your own food order (pick-up)
  • Food delivery
  • QR food ordering system such as Beep QR Order (QR food ordering system)
  • This allows you to get more orders from different types of customers, wherever they are.

TIP: To save your time and energy from managing multiple different sales channels, use an all-in-one business system like BIGPOS that combines POS systems, food ordering, food delivery, ecommerce, and more-all in just one platform .

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