What are the main factors you consider when making your rental choice?

There are so many factors to consider when you try to find a rental house in Kajang, it depends on what the individual prefers and how acceptable it is.

1. Personally, if I already have a permanent job, I would first consider some places around the company, define an area, and subdivide the search in that area. The distance to the office should not be more than an hour by bus without traffic jams, and there should be at least one direct route. The best places are those with both public transport and the metro.

2. The first thing to consider in this area is whether there is a large food market, a large supermarket, a fast-food restaurant, a convenience store or a grocery shop. However, these conditions are generally available in densely populated areas with good transport links.

3. Next is the specific location of the house. It is recommended to stay away from main roads with high traffic flow, dusty and noisy. Don’t look for a house next door to a school, especially if you are working on a transfer system, you won’t have a lazy sleep in the morning if you are off on a weekday unless the quality of sleep is so good that you can’t wake up from the radio. It is best not to have a mahjong parlour or hardware shop downstairs or next door.

4. If there is a balcony, it is convenient to dry clothes and put miscellaneous things, and the ventilation and light will be relatively good.

5. The sound insulation of the house is very important, as well as the mobile phone signal.

6. Be sure to pay attention to the layout of the house, empty rooms when there is nothing inside, with house space looks quite large, but if a large space, each side of the gun are open doors, almost no side of the complete strong, such a house is not good to put things, but also not good layout, things more friends better not rent

7. The landlord. Are they reasonable and are they clear about the conditions? There is no guarantee that nothing will happen during your stay, for example, if a tap leaks or a light bulb breaks, you will need to talk to your landlord about this. Be prepared for the worst. It is important to be within your means before you rent. Then again, if you have a change of heart, such as having a fight with your girlfriend and having to break up, or not informing the landlord 7 days in advance, whether the deposit is refundable depends on the landlord’s character and grooming.

What Are The Causes And Solutions Of Water Leakage?

Water leaks are one of the most common problems in our daily lives, and if it is leaking downstairs or upstairs, it can affect the friendly relationship between neighbours in minutes. Therefore, if there is a water leak in your house, it is important to deal with it properly with roof repair Malaysia, coordinate with your neighbours and property owners, and find the best solution.

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Find The Best Data Backup Solutions For You

Furthermore, there are a variety of risks to data retention as well as a variety of causes, both unintentional and deliberate, that may delete the data, files, and documents that serve as the foundation for your online activity. Choosing the best backup solutions malaysia service would be an wise choice there.

In order to keep your information secure from daily unexpected occurrences such as hardware failures, breakdowns, infection by malicious software, cyber assaults, data deletion or overwriting mistakes, human distractions, and so on, backup is an essential activity.

The proper preservation of data via an effective backup system takes on a leading role and is associated with operational continuity because it reduces the likelihood of data loss and the length of time required to restore operations.

Dr. Clo covid 19

Why COVID Is Difficult To Eliminate

It is easier for the middle class and upper to achieve social distancing and work from home as well as afford the sanitary gels and disinfectants like Dr. Clo covid 19. However, this is not the case for everyone. Many communities have to risk their health not only to make a living, but also because of their living conditions. Refugee camps and the lower working class are not always taken care of by the government, and so they have to fend for themselves. They cannot afford the luxury of working from home or social distancing as wealth is disproportionately distributed and leaves them without a viable solution to their problems

kolej pembantu perubatan

Should You Go To A Local Or Private University?

After graduating from school, you will be furthering your study at the university with your choice of the main course. However, choosing between local or private universities can be a hard decision to make. There are a couple of things that you need to take into consideration before choosing where you will be furthering your study. 

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Both of these options have their own pros and cons and this article will help you to make a clearer decision, on whether you are going to a local or private university. 

  1. Fees 

Local:  Everyone is aware that local university is way affordable for everyone, even if you need to pay for registration every semester it is still affordable.

Private:  A private college or university can be expensive for everyone. Not only the semester registration but you will also need to pay for the facilities there and sometimes it can cause you a hundred thousand a year. 

  1. Competition 

Local:  The competition to get a seat at a local university can be really hard and challenging. Throughout a year there are a hundred thousand students that will send their application at every local university and only a thousand will usually get picked for an interview session. Even after the interview session, not everyone will be chosen, so local universities have a higher competition level. 

Private:  For a private college or university, there is no competition, and as long as you are willing to pay the semester fees they will prepare a seat for you at the university. You can just enroll in “kolej pembantu perubatan” at any private instituations. 

  1. Qualification 

Local:  To be able to enter any local university, you need to have a high qualification not only in your education but also need to have a high grade in your co-curriculum and your leadership skills. You need to have skills that set you apart from other people, that way you will have higher chances of getting chosen by the local university. 

Private:  As long as you are a high school graduate, and you passed all of the basic subjects you can enroll in the university and you can choose the main course that is suitable for you. 

  1. Facilities 

Local:  Usually most local universities will have a large-scale of facilities to be able to cater for all of the students. However, due to the number of students that they have some of the facilities may be outdated and sometimes you need to queue or wait to be able to use the facilities. 

Private:  They may not have a lot of facilities compared to local universities but, every facility they have will be modern and new. As we all have seen, that sometimes the facilities at private universities is way modern and pretty compared to the old on at the local universities. 

  1. Students Diversity 

Local:  All local universities will only allow the citizens to apply at their universities. So, you will only be exposed to students from the same country with you. 

Private:  There is no qualification where you need to be a citizen of the country to enroll in the university. Private universities have students from all around the world with different backgrounds and cultures from us. This will create a lot of creative ideas and we will be more exposed to people from different backgrounds and countries. 

Pengendalian Susu Perahan Untuk Perjalanan Jauh


Saya pernah menerima pertanyaan mengenai pengendalian susu perahan untuk perjalanan jauh seperti berikut:

salam kak nieza,
sekarang sy tgh mengandung 8 bln utk ank pertama. Sy menetap di shah alam.. tapi sy akan balik ke kelantan utk bersalin & berpantang di sana. sy berazam utk menyusu kn baby sy, jadi sy akan start pumping utk stok susu pd mggu ke-3 kelahiran. soalan sy, bagaimana cara yang sesuai utk sy menyimpan susu perahan sy tu.. . sebab sy hanya akn blk ke shah alam pd hari ke 50 berpantang..bole ke sy menyimpan susu perahan tu dlm deep freezer? bagaimana cara utk sy membawa blk susu perahan itu ke shah alam yg memakan ms 9-10 jam perjalanan? diharap kak nieza bole mmbantu sy.. thanks.. -balkish


Berdasarkan maklumat di atas, ibu bercadang memerah susu pada minggu ke-3 kelahiran (iaitu usia bayi lebih kurang 21 hari ke atas) dan hanya akan membawa balik stok susu perahan selepas hari ke 50 usia bayi. Dalam kiraan ini susu paling awal diperah akan disimpan selama 30 hari, jadi kaedah yang paling baik untuk susu perahan ini ialah dibekukan dalam freezer sama ada di dalam freezer peti sejuk 2 pintu (kerana susu perahan boleh tahan 3 bulan) atau di dalam deep freezer (susu perahan boleh bertahan 6 bulan).

Bab penyimpanan tiada banyak masalah yang akan timbul tetapi dalam bab membawa balik susu perahan beku, ibu perlu merancang dengan baik.

Konsep yang perlu difahami adalah susu beku perlu KEKAL dalam keadaan beku di sepanjang perjalanan balik barulah ia boleh dipindahkan ke dalam freezer di rumah apabila tiba ke destinasi. Persoalannya… bagaimana mengekalkan susu perahan dalam keadaan beku sepanjang perjalanan yang memakan masa sehingga 10 jam perjalanan?


  1. Gunakan bekas penyimpanan beku yang baik. Saya cadangkan gunakan cooler box (yang keras dan tebal spt brand Coleman yg biasa digunakan oleh pemancing ikan untuk menyimpan ikan)
  2. Gunakan ice packs yang tahan sehingga 10-12 jam. Boleh juga menggunakan ketulan-ketulan ais yg ditabur garam. Garam akan melambatkan pencairan ais di dlm cooler box.
  3. Susun ice packs di bhg bwh dan sekeliling cooler box manakala botol2 berisi susu perahan beku diletakkan di tengah2 dan ditimbus dgn ais atau dikelilingi ice packs.
  4. Sediakan bekas berasingan jika membawa susu perahan sejuk yang tidak beku. Maknanya jika ada stok susu beku dan stok susu tidak beku, jangan disimpan dlm bekas yg sama.
  5. Walaupun telah disimpan dlm cooler box yg tahan sejuk tetapi sebaiknya cooler box itu diletakkan di dlm kereta yg berhawa dingin dan bukannya di dlm bonet kereta yg agak panas.
  6. Jangan buka bekas simpanan dalam perjalanan. Hanya buka apabila sampai ke destinasi dan bersedia utk memindahkan stok beku ke dlm peti sejuk di rumah (pastikan suhu freezer di rumah sudah berada dlm keadaan sejuk beku bukan sampai2 baru nk on suis peti sejuk)
  7. Periksa setiap botol susu beku dgn baik semasa memindahkannya ke dlm freezer di rumah.
  8. Jika ada susu yg telah mencair, asingkan dan labelkan utk kegunaan esok. Jangan dibekukan semula. Masukkannya ke dlm peti sejuk bhg bawah iaitu bhg sejuk biasa. Susu perahan beku yg telah mencair hanya boleh bertahan sehingga 24 jam sahaja. Oleh itu susu tersebut perlu dihabiskan keesokkan harinya.

Di harap penjelasan ini dapat menjadi panduan para ibu menguruskan susu perahan beku yg dibawa dlm perjalanan jauh.

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