foundation medical courses in Malaysia

Pursue Foundation Medical Courses In Malaysia

It’s common to feel adrift and undecided about your postsecondary goals after graduating from high school. Except if you’re very rigid in your ways and have your whole life mapped out, in which case, good for you! However, most young people would feel uncertain about what they want to do with their lives and would take some time off before deciding whether or not to continue their education at the university level. Pursuing foundation medical courses in Malaysia is recommended for individuals keen on pursuing a career in the medical realm.

foundation medical courses in Malaysia

Why should I pursue my studies in Malaysia?

According to UNESCO data, Malaysia ranks as the eleventh most popular study abroad location in the world. As well as being a popular place to attend college, Malaysia is often cited as a must-see on any Southeast Asian itinerary. Malaysia sits at the exact geographical centre of the South China Sea, which separates it from both Thailand and Singapore. East Malaysia, which shares Borneo Island with two other nations, Brunei and Indonesia, is conveniently located. West Malaysia, usually known as Peninsular Malaysia, is the other part of the country.

You should not rush through your exploration of Malaysia; instead, take your time and enjoy the country at your own pace while you learn about its fascinating history and rich cultural heritage.

What are the reasons to choose the medical stream when pursuing tertiary education?

Many factors, including vocational goals and financial considerations, influence an individual’s decision to pursue medical training. Whether it’s the best or the backup degree option, thinking about Medicine abroad is a long-term commitment and a choice that shouldn’t be taken lightly. To make decision-making easier, here are some of there reasons why you should pursue a medical stream for your tertiary studies:

foundation medical courses in Malaysia

Jobs in the medical field available in any part of the world

Medical knowledge and practice are remarkably consistent all around the world. This means that once you graduate from medical school, you can find work in any country’s emergency care system. For a wide variety of orders, this is irrelevant. Keep in mind that if English is not the native tongue where you plan on living, you will need to study the language of the countries bordering your destination. 

This is essential when communicating with patients to gain insight into the origins of their symptoms. Many countries need you to know the authority language in order to take the medical licencing test or as one of the entrance requirements if you plan to study abroad.

Medical research has the potential to uncover new treatments and medicines

Because the human body is so interesting to study, a significant number of young people are drawn to careers in the medical research industry. It is simple to understand why two individuals who are attracted to one another can fall in love with one another and desire to study as much as they can about the human body and the processes that occur inside it.

Help relieve discomfort

Anybody who has spent time in a hospital, either as a patient or a visitor, knows that being admitted is one of the most stressful experiences anyone can go through. Patients might feel anxious and suffer even though their ailment can be cured or they just require a small amount of therapeutic treatment.

This is the kind of situation when a great doctor or attendant can make a difference by employing their sensitivity and people skills. Being honest with patients is important, but so is making them feel heard and trusted.

How Important Is The Welding Fittings In Your Home Plumbing?

welding fittings

Some of you may not be aware that the plumbing and piping system is one of the most crucial parts of your home as it is very tricky for the layman to navigate through them. That is the exact reason why it’s a better idea for you to hire the pros to come and take care of it for you. But with that, you also should know the basics of plumbing so that you don’t get conned when you hire someone to help you with fixing your plumbing or piping. The piping system in your home is connected to sewage systems and drainage, therefore you need to make sure that they are maintained so that they can run smoothly. Things like your pipes, faucets and Welding fittings need to be checked regularly so that nothing is leaking or broken, as many things can be going wrong with your pipes and you may not know- which can sometimes cause the whole system to fail. 

But one thing to note, there are certain things you can do and some things you can’t do when it comes to checking your plumbing and sewage systems. Let’s start with what you shouldn’t be doing. 

When you are washing dishes, you will always rely on the disposal system to catch all the food scraps. But did you know that leaving certain things to go down there can ruin your pipes, cause blockages and breakage, which can break down the entire system? Some of these items are fats, coffee grounds, cooking oil, vegetable skin and corn husks. So, always make sure to filter the trash out before washing your dishes, and clear the disposal every so often!

For someone who is new to basic plumbing, it is very easy to overtighten because it feels safer for the plumbing to be tight rather than to be loose. Plumbing experts will always tell you that when it comes to connections and fittings, you should only tighten them as far as you can with your hand. Overtightening your bolts and welding fittings can crack your pipes, break the bolts and even strip screws, so make sure that you don’t tighten them too far. 

Some of the things you can and are allowed to do is making sure you use the right tools. One thing being leaky or faulty can have serious effects on the rest of the pipes, which is why you need to make sure that you have all the right tools to fix any small leakages. Firstly, do some research on how to fix the issue first, then make sure that you have all the tools to fix it. If you don’t, call someone right away instead of coming up with your own DIY solutions.

Check out our article on the benefits of having an internet connection at home here.

Surely you’ve heard of using chemicals to clear your clogged drains. Trusted services will always recommend that you use natural materials to unclog your drains. Ditch the chemical alternatives and grab yourself some boiling hot water, salt, baking soda and vinegar to unclog your drain. Trust that these ingredients will do the job way better than chemicals, as chemicals will cause your pipes to deteriorate over time.

welding fittings

If you are unsure of what you’re doing, put the tools down and call an expert. It’s always better to be safe than sorry especially if you don’t really know what you’re doing. 

Malaysia’s best unifi broadband plan

The Benefits of Having Internet Connection at Home

Who said you can’t do your tasks from home? Since the Covid-19 pandemic, many have opted to do their work at home. In addition, educational institutions have also let their students learn and do their assignments at home. While it is hard to conduct discussions and meetings, there are solutions such as Google Meet. Zoom Meeting, Microsoft Teams, and many more. However, how do we access all this essential software, application, and websites without an internet connection? Internet connection has become one of the essential items you need at home.

Currently, there are many internet provider companies in Malaysia. Some of the well-known companies are Digi, Telekom Malaysia, Time, Celcom, and so on. Seeing that the internet is essential in all homes and workplaces, internet provider companies offer affordable deals for their clients. There’s even Malaysia’s best unifi broadband plan so rest assured that Malaysia is provided with the best internet service. With that in mind, what are the benefits of having an internet connection at home? 

Connect with Friends

Provided with an internet connection, you get to stay in touch with your friends and loved ones. Distance is never the reason for you to stay disconnected. One of the best ways to utilize an internet connection is to get on social media, messaging apps, and any social platforms that can help you stay updated with what your friends and family are doing. This also helps you relieve some stress by socializing and interacting with people you are comfortable with. 

Quick and Easy

The internet created a place where it is easy and fast to accomplish tasks. Bill payments, daily tasks, groceries, and so on are made easier with a few clicks on your smartphone or laptop. You don’t necessarily have to go out and withstand the long queues everywhere to do your chores. The process is quite easy now by just logging into the website that you need, adding the items to your cart, then clicking purchase. E-commerce has now reached its full potential and many businesses are taking advantage to the fullest. 

Easy Access to Knowledge

The internet has a lot of sources of information and knowledge. There is an e-library, online encyclopedia, research articles, journals, and much more available on the internet. This has made it easy for students of all age range to access the references they need for their papers. Students who aren’t able to apply for higher education can read this information for free as well. 

Business from Home

A good place to market your brands, promote your products, and advertise promotions – the internet is the right place if you want them to reach a lot of individuals. If you are aiming to sell products and provide service, the internet is the right place to start. You have access to potential customers and the ability to reach many more individuals who are interested in purchasing your products.

Why should you find sex toys on Secret Cherry now?

For modern people, the use of sex toys is not something to be ashamed of, afraid to discuss with people, but just a normal, out of physiological instinct behavior. For busy office workers, couples whose sex lives are getting dull, and young men and women who want to explore the wonders of their bodies, sex toys are an occasional treat and a small sin in their strict, rigid daily lives. Everyone should probably have their own sex toy, and if you want a sex toy to give vent to your excess energy and desire, you can find sex toys on Secret Cherry

However, the truth is that there are still many people who think that using sex toys is unnecessary and even sinful and are afraid to face their desires. Within this article, I will tell you why sex toys are important for you, and indeed for everyone.

Reasons why sex toys are important

Sex toys can relief your stress: In daily life, people face stress from different aspects of life, work and school. Too much stress may cause people’s emotional breakdown, and physically, people may face dangerous diseases such as heart disease and chronic hypertension. In the face of all kinds of stress, people need to relieve stress, relax and release negative emotions through recreation, such as painting, yoga, exercise, fitness, etc. 

The use of sex toys is also one of the ways can help people who feel stressed to vent their stress, reduce their feelings of emptiness due to mental overconsumption, reduce their psychological stress and help them maintain a healthy state of mind. It’s a natural and positive way to reduce stress hormones. Just like any physical exercise, sex releases endorphins that naturally boost your mood. In the face of all kinds of stress, people need recreation to relieve stress, relax, release negative emotions and soothe tense nerves, making them more prepared to face the more challenging life ahead.

Your sex life can be made more exciting by using sex toys: Sex toys are made for those times when you’re bored with sex. Couples can discuss the functions and potential impacts of sex toys while using sex toys. Couples will have the chance to totally unleash their sexual cravings and raise their level of sexual pleasure through this exploring process. Particularly when couples utilise sex toys to stimulate their partners, this will significantly boost both partners’ levels of sexual satisfaction. This will strengthen the bond between the two people, giving it longevity and vitality.

About Secret Cherry

As a sex toy manufacturer, Secret Cherry has many years of experience within the sex toy industry and has always aspired to provide all men and women with the highest quality sex toys for their sex lives, having sex less of a torture and sin and more fun and exciting. If you need a sex toy which can give you fun and make you and your partner sex life smoother and better, find sex toys on Secret Cherry now! You can have any sex toys that you like on Secret Cherry.

How Important is SAP Integrated Business Planning Malaysia?

For ordinary people, the term SAP Integrated Business Planning Malaysia is still very foreign to hear. However, for business people, SAP is precisely what is needed to support business processes that run with good management. Although seen from the cost side, SAP is quite expensive, but does not apply its application in the business world. Because it has an integrated system that makes business processes easier to control.

SAP Integrated Business Planning Malaysia

What Exactly is SAP Integrated Business Planning Malaysia?

The SAP or SAP system is a piece of software that is based on ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning and is used to manage the day-to-day operations of an organization or company. The purpose is clear: SAP improves the effectiveness and efficiency of all management, monitoring, and information processing processes.

Initially, the SAP system could only handle the company’s financial transactions. However, with the advancements made, SAP is now capable of handling a wide range of duties, including sales control, production, inventory management, and human resource management. Of course, this is all due to the modules, which are constantly developed and mutually reintegrated so that SAP can offer the information required by the organization in all activities.

SAP Inside Business?

In general, SAP software users are business entities or companies. It’s just that, because of the large investment in the adoption and implementation of SAP, in the end it is the large companies that are mostly found using this application, especially companies that have a global scale.

The existence of an integrated array of modules in SAP Integrated Business Planning Malaysia not only makes this software usable in synergy, but also makes managing company data easier. Moreover, the amount of data owned and processed by the company is certainly not small or small.

Through this integration, changes to one data will automatically affect other related data. This will clearly help the company in carrying out its daily activities more efficiently through saving time, energy, and even costs. Because, the user does not need to change hundreds of pieces of information if there is a change in data.

Benefits of SAP Integrated Business Planning Malaysia

There are several basic benefits that you can get by implementing SAP as a company management system, such as:

1. Increase Company Business Speed

Responses to market changes can be quickly identified. This is very important considering that every important decision requires accurate data as a guide.

2. Increase Consistency of Every Business Activity

The SAP application can monitor whether the SOP has been executed properly or not. In addition, SAP can reduce production errors due to Human Error.

3. Improving Business Quality

SAP is able to present information in real-time so its accuracy is unquestionable. In addition, SAP also provides analytical tools that can be used to read the data obtained.

4. Offering Custom Solutions For Companies

Since every company’s needs are different, every company gets a customized system with their operational and departmental needs in mind.

SAP Integrated Business Planning Malaysia


The integrated arrangement of modules does not only make SAP work in synergy. However, the integration between these modules makes data management easier. The reason is that when data changes in one module, the other modules will adjust automatically. With this function, SAP is useful in real time processing. This benefit allows SAP to produce accurate reports or information in a fast time.

All You Need To Know About Dry Mix Mortar Actives

drymix mortar additives malaysia

A dry mix mortar is a term for readily mixed dry raw materials that may also contain additives and polymers for specific construction use. Dry mix products have excellent technical properties that allow them to meet the stringent performance requirements that are common in today’s construction scenario. Click here to find drymix mortar additives malaysia.

Dry-mixed mortar is composed of proportionally mixed cement, sand, mineral, and functional additives. It is frequently premixed in a special factory and transported to the construction site in powder or granule form. It can be used directly after being stirred with an adequate amount of water. Dry mortars are classified into two types: normal and purposed. – Masonry mortar, plastering mortar, and ground mortar are common types. Special purpose mortars include tile adhesive, interface dry powder, insulating mortar, self-levelling mortar, water-proof mortar, repair mortar, wall putty, and tile grout.

Rapid population growth in countries such as China and India is expected to increase demand for residential construction, which will increase the use of dry mix mortar. Social infrastructure, schools, hospitals, government housing, water, defense infrastructure, and water resources are among the key areas of expected growth. In 2017, infrastructure accounted for 37% of construction spending in the Asia-Pacific region, while residential accounted for 34% and non-residential accounted for 29%.

Advantages of drymix mortar

drymix mortar additives malaysia

Modern Dry Mix Mortar is manufactured in a dedicated factory with dedicated batching and blending facilities for all necessary ingredients in a highly controlled process. This allows for the production of various types of Dry Mix Mortar products with well-defined properties and performance to meet specific requirements and applications. Because of its numerous advantages, Dry Mix Mortar is currently conquering the market by replacing traditional job site mixing mortar.

When compared to traditional made-on-site mortar, it has many advantages such as consistent quality, a wide variety of types, high work efficiency, good work performance, and ease of operation.

  • Dry mix mortar can be transported in a simple container, automatically stirred, pumped, and applied by machine, increasing work efficiency by 500-600%.
  • Machine stirring and application also ensures that mortar is processed and used correctly, avoiding water added too little or too much, as well as other potential mistakes during formulation or inexperienced workers. It can increase quality stability and durability.
  • Dry mix mortar contributes to the improvement of industrial structures, modernization of the construction industry, and reduction of cement waste and project costs.
  • Dry mix mortar, as a thermal insulation and environmentally friendly material, can help to save energy and reduce emissions, which should be promoted on a large scale.
  • Product testing for all technical parameters and educating users about technical attributes to help them choose the best product
  • Proper material quantification and waste reduction
  • Easy application and usage with no hassles
  • Excellent water resistance
  • greater adaptability
  • Excellent compressive, flexural, and tensile strength compared to ASTM standards.
  • Simple to combine and apply
  • improved surface finish and appearance
  • Almost no material wastage on site Minimal storage space required
  • Inventory cost reduction
  • Only minimal supervision is required.
drymix mortar additives malaysia

One key factor driving demand is the ability of these products to reduce labor costs. Significant improvements in worker efficiency and output have been reported as a result of the use of specialized application equipment.

office space near federal highway

How to have a positive work environment

Creating a positive work environment helps employees get a morale boost, increase productivity, and retention. No matter where your office is, such as in Kuala Lumpur City Center (KLCC), an office space near federal highway, or even how near your employees’ home is to the office – a negative work environment will demotivate them.

Your work environment heavily impacts your motivation, mood, and mental health in your workplace. Hence, a healthy environment is important and it is critical for the company’s success. 

Some importance of a healthy work environment is that it provides workers with high motivation to go to work every day, and higher work satisfaction, and it keeps your workers interested to keep working with you.  With that in mind,  a healthy work environment encourages feedback, and employees to share their ideas and also prevents constant absenteeism. 

If you’re confused about what a toxic environment is like, some indications include when there is a lack of clear communication between the employees which results in misinformation and misunderstanding among them. Furthermore, the imbalance in work-life or time off could also be a sign of a toxic work environment. The ultimate sign of an unhealthy work environment is if the company is ignoring mental health, retention, and work satisfaction among employees. 

What does a positive work environment look like?

A healthy work environment takes everything into account – the success of the job and the employees’ well-being. If you are aiming to create a positive environment, then the key is to provide employees with a work-life balance, allow ideas from them without harsh criticism, and provide employees with a reasonable amount of vacation and downtime. Pushing employees too hard will not get the job done, in fact, it delays their work and may result in poor quality. 

Keep these questions in mind: 

  • Is there enough space for your employees to finish their work without eating up someone’s space?
  • Is there a proper amount of privacy while also making sure that your employees are doing their work? 
  • Is there space for them to take occasional breaks or discuss with their workmates?
  • Is there any opportunity for fun activities in the workplace that could boost their morale and motivation? 
  • Is there a way for your employees to work remotely if they call in sick? 
  • Is there a healthy amount of vacation days, personal days, sick days, and paid days off?

Some of the steps that you can take to provide employees with a healthy work environment are:

  • Hire great workers (let the bad ones go)
  • Improve the lighting in the workplace
  • Provide a comfortable workspace 
  • Improve communication between employees

Everything You Want to Know about Fume Hoods

You must be looking for a fume hood supplier, considering you are visiting this page. It also means you are trying to fit out a medical lab. Well, a medical lab will be ineffective without a fume hood indeed. After all, this type of facility needs to do some experiments, making use of different types of chemicals that might generate harmful vapors, and users must be protected from them.

Yes, a fume hood is needed to protect the people in the facility, as well as the processes. But before you start shopping for a fume hood, you must be well-versed about it first and you can start by scrolling down:

fume hood price Malaysia

·         You need to understand what a fume hood is, for you to know what you need to look for. You must know the different functions of the fume hood and at the same time, you also need to know its possible risks. You need to know the features that can make the use of a fume hood safer, and most of all, you also need to know the existing fume hood price Malaysia. However, you should know that the price of what you need should not be your primary determinant at all times. It would be unwise to do so.

·         You need to know the different types of fume hoods because each type delivers differently in some ways. Yes, they all have a number of similar functions, but at the same time, they also have differences. There are also times when your medical lab ecosystem will be more suitable for a particular type of fume hood. This is why you need to check on each of them first.

·         To ensure your safety, you need to at least keep the samples only 6 inches inside the hood. This is a very important reminder and you should take note of this once your medical lab will start rolling. Sometimes, out of busyness, safety is ignored. You should not do that as fume hoods are known to generate serious accidents if one gets careless in using them. You should always check some safety tips when using the fume hood.

fume hood price Malaysia

·         If the fume hood is not in use, it is best to just close the sash. This is not only for the protection of both the equipment and the people in the lab, at the same time, this can also save your facility energy.

·         And last but not least is that you should not store anything inside the hood if it is not part of what you are planning to do. Yes, this is not a safe practice but is often done. The hood should be empty when not in use.

It is common that when you buy something for the first time, you need to learn about that item first. So, if this is the first time for you to buy a fume hood, it is just right that you will research it first.

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Why is the SIRIM Label Important?

iso 17025 malaysia

With the advancement of e-commerce and sales, consumers and sellers have raised their standards and safety requirements for electric and electronic products. However, the majority of them are still perplexed and unfamiliar with the situation, despite the fact that SIRIM Certification is required in order to shelve products in each major marketplace. So, how does this work in practice? It is actually quite simple; all you need to do is understand the requirements and procedures for SIRIM application. Click here to learn more on iso 17025 malaysia.

So, what is a SIRIM certificate? In Malaysia, SIRIM stands for Standard of Industrial and Research Institute. This is the only certification body wholly owned by the Malaysian government. Every factory and company is permitted to apply for SIRIM and use a recognised set of standards to review and obtain approval on electric and electronic products.

In short, SIRIM Certification is used to validate the safety of electrical and electronic products. Any customer who sees this “SIRIM” sign knows that the electric and electronic products are safe to use. Furthermore, the Malaysian government has explicitly stated that all imported electric and electronic products must be certified by SIRIM before they can be sold in the market. Moving on, the following section will explain the procedures for obtaining a SIRIM Certificate.

How to apply for the SIRIM certificate procedure? 

  1. Stage one: Test
  • First, the applicant must confirm that the product has passed the product safety test and has a CB report and related Testing Certificate document.
  • Without a CB report, the applicant must send a product sample to SIRIM for safety testing, which will take approximately two months.
  • With the CB report: The applicant must notarize the product to ensure that it has passed the MEPS test. Products that must pass the MEPS test include modulator tubes, fans, refrigerators, and so on. The test will take approximately two months of periodic time.
iso 17025 malaysia
  1. Stage two: ST COA (Certificate of Approval)
  • Furthermore, once the product has passed the safety and MEPS tests, the applicant must submit the relevant documentation to the SIRIM authority in order to apply for a Certificate of Approval (ST COA). The application will be processed in about 2 to 3 weeks.
  1. Stage three: SIRIM Cert
  • Finally, the applicant must submit the product’s formal entry file (ST COA). They will arrange an audit to the merchant’s ports or warehouse to implement random inspection after receiving approval from SIRIM. This is for inspection of product parts and associated reports.
  • If you pass the test, SIRIM will complete the inspection in one month and will issue a certificate to the applicant as well as an invitation to collect the “SIRIM Label.” The applicant must then apply the “SIRIM Label” to certified products before releasing them to the market.
  • If you fail the test, the applicant must return the entire batch to the factory and provide proof of return, or destroy the disqualified product on the spot.
iso 17025 malaysia

The applicant must purchase the label from SIRIM, and approval will take 7 days. The cost of a label varies depending on the type of consignment, ranging from RM0.50 to RM0.20 per label. The applicant must paste the certified product and be ready to sell.

Career Opportunities For Science Students

foundation in general science in Ireland

One of the greatest life-changing decisions for every human is choosing a profession stream for their future. It determines the direction their career and the personal path will go in the future and serves as a stepping stone for the countless ambitions they have been harbouring. Science majors have a wide range of career choices. Students with a general science major can create their own study path in the sciences. Students select their areas of concentration from a wide range of scientific disciplines, adjusting their studies to their own interests and professional aspirations.

You must pursue either a biological science or a physical science degree to get ready for a job in science. An entirely new world of options, spanning from the research of space to the research of sand and soil, is made possible by the study of the three branches of science, biology, physics, and chemistry. You can also pursue a foundation in general science in Ireland as your stepping stone. Students who want to pursue higher degrees in other science-related fields or whose interests do not neatly fit inside one particular scientific subject will find the general science course to be helpful.

In this article, we’ve curated a list of career opportunities for general science students.

foundation in general science in Ireland
  1. Environmental Scientist

Due to the fact that so many countries are taking action to preserve the environment, general science students with strong backgrounds in biology and chemistry who are interested in working in the community should think about this field as a fantastic career path. Environmental scientists locate, minimise, and eliminate pollutants and other dangers that harm the environment or the health of the general populace. With a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies, chemistry, engineering, physics, or biology, you can find entry-level employment; however, if you want to advance in your career, you’ll need a master’s degree for that.

  1. Chemist

Students majoring in general science who are strong in chemistry will do well in this field because their entire work profile involves using the knowledge they have gained while obtaining their general science degree. Being a chemist is a fantastic career choice because it allows one to use their chemical expertise in the workplace. Chemists research the applications of chemicals in our daily life. For the majority of chemistry professions, you’ll need a master’s or PhD, however, some merely call for a bachelor’s degree student.

  1. Aerospace Engineer

General Science students have a tonne of possibilities in this field because countries are fighting with one another to see who is the best at aerospace. The greatest candidates for this field are probably those students who have enjoyed mathematics and physics as well as their applications and have a solid grasp of those subjects. Everything from helicopters and aeroplanes to rockets, missiles, and spaceships is designed, developed, and tested by an aerospace engineer. Students who have an interest in R&D may find that the aerospace industry is an excellent career choice because it incorporates a lot of R&D.

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