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Should You Go To A Local Or Private University?

After graduating from school, you will be furthering your study at the university with your choice of the main course. However, choosing between local or private universities can be a hard decision to make. There are a couple of things that you need to take into consideration before choosing where you will be furthering your study. 

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Both of these options have their own pros and cons and this article will help you to make a clearer decision, on whether you are going to a local or private university. 

  1. Fees 

Local:  Everyone is aware that local university is way affordable for everyone, even if you need to pay for registration every semester it is still affordable.

Private:  A private college or university can be expensive for everyone. Not only the semester registration but you will also need to pay for the facilities there and sometimes it can cause you a hundred thousand a year. 

  1. Competition 

Local:  The competition to get a seat at a local university can be really hard and challenging. Throughout a year there are a hundred thousand students that will send their application at every local university and only a thousand will usually get picked for an interview session. Even after the interview session, not everyone will be chosen, so local universities have a higher competition level. 

Private:  For a private college or university, there is no competition, and as long as you are willing to pay the semester fees they will prepare a seat for you at the university. You can just enroll in “kolej pembantu perubatan” at any private instituations. 

  1. Qualification 

Local:  To be able to enter any local university, you need to have a high qualification not only in your education but also need to have a high grade in your co-curriculum and your leadership skills. You need to have skills that set you apart from other people, that way you will have higher chances of getting chosen by the local university. 

Private:  As long as you are a high school graduate, and you passed all of the basic subjects you can enroll in the university and you can choose the main course that is suitable for you. 

  1. Facilities 

Local:  Usually most local universities will have a large-scale of facilities to be able to cater for all of the students. However, due to the number of students that they have some of the facilities may be outdated and sometimes you need to queue or wait to be able to use the facilities. 

Private:  They may not have a lot of facilities compared to local universities but, every facility they have will be modern and new. As we all have seen, that sometimes the facilities at private universities is way modern and pretty compared to the old on at the local universities. 

  1. Students Diversity 

Local:  All local universities will only allow the citizens to apply at their universities. So, you will only be exposed to students from the same country with you. 

Private:  There is no qualification where you need to be a citizen of the country to enroll in the university. Private universities have students from all around the world with different backgrounds and cultures from us. This will create a lot of creative ideas and we will be more exposed to people from different backgrounds and countries. 


Why Living Alone Is A Plus

Living alone is depicted as sad and lonely. In the movies it is made to be detested and something to work against. That’s why, according to the media, we should all pursue marriage or any kind of relationship that ensures that we are not alone in a house. However, there are many benefits to living alone that are not well-captured by the stories we are told. If you have been yearning for that gorgeous house in SS2, go for it. Living in a big house may be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. It is a worthwhile experience to have and here is why:

1.     You Learn To Be Independent In A Different Way

Homes in SS2 are filled with the laughter of children and families that enjoy spending time together. While you may be able to appreciate this, living alone can give you something else– independence. This is not to say that people living together cannot be independent, but it is to say that it awards a different kind of self-awareness. Living alone ensures that you are solely responsible for yourself, and it is an experience that can reward you with growth. 

2.     It Gives You Solitude 

If you are not much of a people-person, retreating from the crowd gives you solace, not loneliness. Solace is a much-coveted feeling that many cohabiting people wish they had. Living alone can give you this. 


3.     Expensive House, Yes, But Everything Else Is Cheaper

It may be expensive to own a whole house– the initial payment takes a large chunk from your wallet, but it’s alright, because you would have planned for it. Living alone allows you to buy exactly what you need for yourself– not for two or three people. Just you. And it sounds lonely to many people, but it is a comfortable way to live, especially if you understand your financial standing and cannot accommodate a person living in the house with you. You are responsible for your surroundings, meaning that if you are a neat person, you only have yourself to pick up after. It’s not a bad way to live at all!

4.     Living Alone Doesn’t Make You Alone

Living alone does not mean that you are completely alone. You can just as easily invite your friends and family over for the weekend or host a party. You can still have people around you, but their presence will not be as permanent as living with somebody else who continues to invade your space. If you really want extra company, you can get a pet of some kind to keep you company when you want a furry friend like a dog, or a silent one like a fish, to be there when you arrive from work. Living alone does not equate to loneliness. It is a good way to gain introspection and appreciate your own company more.

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