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How to have a positive work environment

Creating a positive work environment helps employees get a morale boost, increase productivity, and retention. No matter where your office is, such as in Kuala Lumpur City Center (KLCC), an office space near federal highway, or even how near your employees’ home is to the office – a negative work environment will demotivate them.

Your work environment heavily impacts your motivation, mood, and mental health in your workplace. Hence, a healthy environment is important and it is critical for the company’s success. 

Some importance of a healthy work environment is that it provides workers with high motivation to go to work every day, and higher work satisfaction, and it keeps your workers interested to keep working with you.  With that in mind,  a healthy work environment encourages feedback, and employees to share their ideas and also prevents constant absenteeism. 

If you’re confused about what a toxic environment is like, some indications include when there is a lack of clear communication between the employees which results in misinformation and misunderstanding among them. Furthermore, the imbalance in work-life or time off could also be a sign of a toxic work environment. The ultimate sign of an unhealthy work environment is if the company is ignoring mental health, retention, and work satisfaction among employees. 

What does a positive work environment look like?

A healthy work environment takes everything into account – the success of the job and the employees’ well-being. If you are aiming to create a positive environment, then the key is to provide employees with a work-life balance, allow ideas from them without harsh criticism, and provide employees with a reasonable amount of vacation and downtime. Pushing employees too hard will not get the job done, in fact, it delays their work and may result in poor quality. 

Keep these questions in mind: 

  • Is there enough space for your employees to finish their work without eating up someone’s space?
  • Is there a proper amount of privacy while also making sure that your employees are doing their work? 
  • Is there space for them to take occasional breaks or discuss with their workmates?
  • Is there any opportunity for fun activities in the workplace that could boost their morale and motivation? 
  • Is there a way for your employees to work remotely if they call in sick? 
  • Is there a healthy amount of vacation days, personal days, sick days, and paid days off?

Some of the steps that you can take to provide employees with a healthy work environment are:

  • Hire great workers (let the bad ones go)
  • Improve the lighting in the workplace
  • Provide a comfortable workspace 
  • Improve communication between employees

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