Income protection policy?

income protection insurance policy Malaysia

Risk is an inevitable part of life. This is something we cannot deny. Some people say that risk is only there when you step out of the house but is it true? The answer is no. There will still be risks even when you are at home. Of course if you are at home you will not be at risk caused by others. But yet you will be at risk from other consequences, so even at home there will still be risk to us. Since risk is everywhere, what’s important for us is to have an assurance. Assurance to be able to seek help where is in need. Insurance can do that for us. When we are in need we are able to seek medical help claiming from medical insurance and if something happens we can have insurance to cover for us.

Even when we have all the insurance that we have, there is something that many people have overlooked and not get it. What is it? It is for our salary! What do I mean by that? Have you ever thought what would happen if you fell very badly and got injured and are unable to go to work and your boss tells you that since you are not working then it will be considered as no pay. What will happen then? What if the injury will cost you three months or four months of no pay? What can you do then? Have you ever thought about that? Or maybe what will happen if all of a sudden your boss tells you that he is unable to give you your salary because of some issue? What will happen to your pay, your wages? Have you ever thought about that? Well today i am going to tell you no need to be worried! Because there is something called income protection policy and you need to know!

income protection insurance policy Malaysia

What this is is to protect your income to give you still your regular income even if you are not able to go to work and your boss does not want to give you your pay or if anything happens to the company you will still get your pay regularly. This is what it does for you! Therefore this is of utmost importance because you will need your income in order to continue living in this world. Without it you will not be able to survive therefore your income is the most important and furthermore it is best to have this protection policy!

Therefore there should not be any hesitation to put your money into this to invest in income protection insurance policy Malaysia. It is very important to have this as it is your lifeline and it your blood, sweat and tears and you deserve to be treated well and deserve your pay even when you are not able to work to help you continue to have your pay and live on comfortably and even when you are on recovery you will not worry about something else and concentrate in your recovery journey. 

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