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Industrial valves: Why Do We Need Them?

Industrial valves are needed in almost every part of an industrial process. It is so essential, that without it, many things can go wrong really quick. We, as an average person of society, don’t really give much thought to industrial valves. We don’t necessarily come in contact with them, so we don’t even think about them. Only certain individuals where industrial valves are a part of their jobs or field understand industrial valves.

sluice valve malaysia

However, that’s not to say that we don’t come in contact with valves in general. We do, especially in our homes. Residential valves come in handy at kitchen sinks and bathrooms. If you check your kitchen sinks, you can find fairly simple valves. This is the most normal usage of a man-made valve. It allows the flow of water based on the opening of valve holes. Another usage of valves at home include the gas hob on your stove. When you start the fire, you need to release some gas into the air surrounding the stove first. So, when you want to increase the heat, the turning on the knob allows more gas to pass through. The more the gas, the brighter and larger the fire and burn.

The industrial valve uses the same concept. The only difference is they transport substances in high-temperatures and extreme pressures. Plus, they often carry substances that could be hazardous to humans if they come in direct contact with it. That is just the surface level understanding of valves. Some of the types of valves include butterfly valves, gate valves, and ball float valves. If you want to understand valves better and grasp their applications, read on. Here are a few reasons as to why we need industrial valves. 

sluice valve malaysia

Stop and start

The most obvious use of the stove includes starting and stopping of the substance. If the valve is open, it allows the substance to pass through. If it is close, the substance halts before the opening.On top of starting and stopping the flow, valves also allow throttling. Some valves are built for throttling, as it allows the flow of substance based on the percentage of opening. The higher the percentage of opening, the lower the throttling. 

Regulation and relieve 

Valves also regulate the flow of substances, as well as regulate the pressure. Automatic valves are one of those inventions where they regulate the pressure and flow of substance by automatically adjusting the closing and opening of the valves. Other than that, valves relieve any vacuum and pressure that may be present in the equipment and system. This is necessary as a safeguard system against any chances of overpressured situations due to vacuum conditions. 

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