The Benefits of Breast Milk For Your Baby

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Hello, mommies! Are you having a hard time taking care of yourself and your newborns? It is understandable to feel that way after going through a long journey of childbirth. You are now prepared to return home and start a new life with your baby after a successful pregnancy, labor, and childbirth. However, after you get home, you can feel as though you don’t know what you’re doing and what you need to do. 

Of course, preparing for your baby and taking care of them is not an easy thing to do, especially when you have to go through a postpartum period after childbirth. However, with the right tips to follow, you can successfully take care of yourself and your newborns with ease of mind. 

The most important thing that you need to know after welcoming your newborns to the world, is how you can keep them healthy. Indeed, many people around you would advise you to breastfeed your baby as it will give you so many benefits for your health as well as the newborns’. 

You’re probably buried with tons of information if you’ve been thinking about not breastfeeding your newborn. It is undeniable that breastfeeding is a personal choice that you can make and you alone can decide for yourself. However, considering the advantages of breast milk for your baby that seem to be limitless can help to make your decision easier and faster. Even if you’re too busy and don’t have the time to breastfeed your newborn, you can still give them your breast milk by using the best breast pump brand Malaysia. Let’s go over all the benefits of breastmilk that it can give to your baby. 

best breast pump brand Malaysia
  1. The best nutrient for babies

There is no other food your newborn baby can consume that comes close to the nutrients in breastmilk. Breast milk is gentler for your baby’s body than formula milk. The nutrients that are optimal for your baby’s developing nervous system and brain are also found in breast milk. Studies on breastfed infants have shown that as they age, they will have a higher IQ and do better on intellectual exams. 

  1. An important source of antibodies 

In those delicate, early months, antibodies found in breast milk are crucial for helping your infant fight against bacteria or viruses. As a mother, your body begins to produce antibodies when you are exposed to viruses and bacteria. During feedings, these antibodies are eventually transferred to the newborn through breast milk.

It should be clear that formula milk does not give infants the same immunity. Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated that newborns who have not been breastfed have a higher risk of developing health problems. Breast milk contains antibodies, particularly immunoglobulin, which protect or treat your infant from sickness.

  1. Keep a healthy weight for the babies

Breast milk can help your baby keep a healthy weight and avoid obesity. According to one study, the likelihood that a baby will become overweight and obese is significantly decreased if breastfeeding continues for more than 3 months. This might be brought on by the diversification of gut bacteria. Healthy gut bacteria are more prevalent in breastfed newborns, which may have an impact on how fat is stored.

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