Advantages of Maritime Logistics & Transport

What is Maritime Transport? 

Maritime transport involves waterways that transport agricultural goods, cars, large parcels, clothing, appliances and cars, on ferries. This form of logistics for certain types of goods is used across the world. There are several advantages of maritime logistics and transport. The advantages of carrying out the project logistic solutions in malaysia are the fact that it is economical, efficient, has the capability to handle oversized, bulky and heavy cargo, cargo ships are built with safety as prime importance and is environmentally friendly. 

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First and foremost, the ocean shipping industry is the most economical method of shipping as it provides the most affordable shipping costs to the shippers, especially when it comes down to long-distance shipping. When compared with air shipping, it is found that ocean shipping generally will cost close to four or six times less. Therefore, it is safe to say that ocean transportation is the cheapest international shipping option. 


It does not matter how big the item that you want to ship using ocean transportation. Sea transportation will usually be able to make room for your requirements. There will be a mix of sizes in the shipments. The small shipments will be put together in the cargo so that the containers are filled and there will be enough space for every shipment. Since the shipments are kept in a container while shipping, it is a cost-sharing of the transportation services. There are cargos that can carry more containers that allow the shippers to carry out their shipping in a bulk. 

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Oversized, heavy and bulky cargo capability 

The key factor of sea shipping is that it can handle oversized, heavy or bulky cargo. These cargos can ship large vehicles, equipment, construction materials and many other things. As compared to air shipping which cannot accommodate heavy and oversized shipping, sea shipping can certainly solve this problem. 


The sea ships are designed to carry hazardous materials and dangerous cargo safely. There are specific regulations set in place to ensure the safety of the goods, vessel, and crew. They are continuously working towards increasing the safety aspect of sea shipping over the past decades. Now, most of the containers are designed to be sealed and locked during transportation for extra security. 

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Environmentally Friendly

Air and land transport or shipments have much higher carbon footprints as compared to sea shipping. Ships produce fewer grams of exhaust gas emissions for each ton of cargo transported and provide the most carbon-efficient mode of transportation. For more information, click here

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