The importance of choosing the right milk bottle for your baby

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Unquestionably, breastfeeding a baby is the best way to go. However, not all mothers are capable of producing enough breast milk to feed their baby, others feed their baby with a milk bottle for personal reasons. So what kind of baby milk bottle should you get for your baby, and what are the things that you need to take into consideration.


One of the things that you need to consider when getting a milk bottle for your baby is the material of the baby bottle. It is extremely important that there are injurious substances in the baby bottle material. Hence, it is important to get a baby bottle from a reputable brand to ensure that your baby does not consume anything dangerous from irregulated baby bottles.

2. Plastic or glass

While plastic baby bottles may be cheap compared to glass bottles, it is advisable to get a glass baby milk bottle for durability. The downside of a plastic baby bottle is that over time, the material of the plastic bottle will deteriorate over time. If you are looking for a good glass baby milk bottle, it is highly recommended to get one from, where they are one of the companies that offer high-quality baby milk bottles in Malaysia.

3. Storage

Keep in mind to pick the right baby bottle with the right size so that you do not need to constantly change bottles when feeding your baby. Picking the right size that can store the appropriate amount of milk will save you the hassle of using multiple bottles.

4.Bottle nipple

It is important to choose the right bottle nipple when buying a baby milk bottle. The bottle nipple comes in 3 different levels which are: slow, medium, fast. Depending on the flow of the bottle nipple as according to the level. Slow is suitable for newborn babies as the intake of the milk is slow, as they get older, you will have to et a level 3 bottle nipple as they began to consume the milk from the baby bottle with a faster flow and intake.

5. Design of the bottle

Pick an ergonomic baby milk bottle for your baby as once your baby is old enough to hold the bottle by itself, picking the right design of the baby bottle can ensure that the baby will hold on to the bottle with ease. To add on, you can even get a stylish baby bottle so that it will look cute on your baby when your baby is drinking the milk by itself. You can use this opportunity to take a lot of cute pictures of your baby to keep it as memories.

To add on, it is important to wash the baby milk bottle thoroughly to make sure that the baby milk bottle is germs-free for the next consumption, and also odor-free for hygiene purposes. Have fun and happy parenting!

milk bottle malaysia

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