What Are The Causes And Solutions Of Water Leakage?

Water leaks are one of the most common problems in our daily lives, and if it is leaking downstairs or upstairs, it can affect the friendly relationship between neighbours in minutes. Therefore, if there is a water leak in your house, it is important to deal with it properly with roof repair Malaysia, coordinate with your neighbours and property owners, and find the best solution.

Cause 1: Poor Installation Of Pipes

The installation of pipes is not fixed, resulting in loosening; there is a mistake in the location of the pipe pre-mouth, the concrete is not poured in place; there is no good leak-proof treatment, etc. is the cause of pipe leakage. 

Repair Method1: Chisel The Pipe To Do Waterproofing

Chisel out the hole of the reserved pipe, install the mould at the bottom and brush cement oil in order to join the old and new cement mortar; pour concrete of a higher grade, and make a layer of waterproof paint around the dry pipe opening. A layer of waterproof paint is applied around the dry pipe opening. Finally, do a water penetration test after twenty-four hours, if there are no problems you can restore the wall surface

Prevention Method 1: Fix The Pipes

Pipe leakage is more common, in order to avoid future trouble. Remember to do a good job of installation during construction, to fix the pipe and pour concrete in accordance with the specifications. Do every step carefully so that you can play a preventive role. 

Cause 2: The Waterproof Layer Was Damaged

Man-made construction damage is the cause of water leakage in the waterproofing layer; damage to the installation of pipes and damage to the protective layer or waterproofing layer during construction leads to; waterproofing materials themselves have quality problems that can also lead to damage to the waterproofing layer. 

Repair Method 2: Remove And Redo Waterproofing

First, immediately find the leak and then remove all the wall and floor protection and redo the waterproofing again. After completing the redo, do a water penetration test after twenty-four hours and if there are no problems you can repair the concrete.

Prevention Method 2: Good Water Seepage Test

Waterproofing can leak for a number of reasons, and sometimes the damage is not immediately detected. I suggest that after the waterproofing layer is done, immediately do a water seepage test, if there is no leakage before the next step of the renovation, this step should not be ignored. It is also important to note that during the construction process, it is important to prevent damage to the waterproofing layer.

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