Dr. Clo covid 19

Why COVID Is Difficult To Eliminate

COVID19 has ravaged the planet for the better part of two years. As we now enter the era of vaccination, many communities still face the threat of the disease that has killed millions of individuals globally. Experts, doctors and scientist continue to tackle the disease that took over the world. However, we wonder if there is any end in sight. WHO states that the disease may have to continue living amongst us, as others do. This has brought a lot of fear into the idea that COVID may be here forever. Why is it proving a challenge to eliminate?

It Continues To Adapt

As a virus, the strain continues to adapt as it spreads. This makes it more difficult to detect, or to prevent, or eliminate. As the virus strains pass from person to person they adapt to their conditions. They change their genetic structure and, therefore, while somebody may have been vaccinated and never had the original strain, a more powerful strain may affect them and prove to be problematic in healing. Viruses have always had the instinct for survival. That is why they continue to live among us and modify themselves to be contractible by humans.

Dr. Clo covid 19

The Unequal Roll Out Of Vaccines

Many less privileged communities have been left out of the global vaccination program. This is because of the unfair distribution of wealth that allows the richer state to hoard vaccines for themselves, while other states struggle with the disease. Furthermore, not everybody trusts the vaccine. Given the history of the elimination and infertility programs of many communities of colour, minorities are finding it difficult to believe the good intentions of the doctors who ask them to get vaccinated. The problem, however, is that to achieve herd immunity and flatten the curve, more states need to be vaccinated to control the outbreak. Both the rich and poor, minorities and majorities, need the vaccines or else the disease will continue to mutate among the less fortunate and affect the rich, regardless of their vaccination. This is already happening with the strains that are appearing.

Not Everybody Can Afford The Measures In Place

It is easier for the middle class and upper to achieve social distancing and work from home, as well as afford the sanitary gels and disinfectants like Dr. Clo covid 19. However, this is not the case for everyone. Many communities have to risk their health not only to make a living, but also because of their living conditions. Refugee camps and the lower working class are not always taken care of by the government, and so they have to fend for themselves. They cannot afford the luxury of working from home or social distancing as wealth is disproportionately distributed and leaves them without a viable solution to their problems.

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